Words unsaid(a nonet)

These words are all I have now for you,

You will find pieces of my soul,
Each word a chapter of life,
A syllabic deluge,
An ardent torrent,
But all unsaid
Safely cached,

Many a time we want to communicate our thoughts,our feelings with those dear to us.

But when we come face to face with them, our tongues are tied.

The inner soliloquies remain inside. What we wanted to say and share just refuses to come out.

Why does this happen?

Are we scared to share a part of us?

Why are we so vulnerable that we can’t give voice to our feelings?

People may call you an introvert.

But inside a small voice is awaiting to be heard,awaiting to resonate in the echelons of its loved ones.

Set it free.

Let yourself be heard!

Has it ever happened to you?

Do share.

3 thoughts on “Words unsaid(a nonet)”

  1. So true!! And it happens with me most of the times!! Combination of being introvert, not feeling connected, not comfortable and too much thinking!!


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