A Thank you

The milestone reached!

A closet writer who used to pen and forget the verses in the paraphernalia of life.

And with this blog,the writer in me was rejuvenated.

I dabbled in some prose,graduated from random lines to free verse and experimented with newer forms,falling in love with sweet haikus and challenging haibuns.

I have made friends with lovely people who have appreciated my work and encouraged me.

I owe this golden milestone to their constant love and support.

And I pick up new styles from the plethora of momentous work that comes forth everyday.

A fountain of verse,



Luminous lyrics,

Gushing forth,

A melody in words,

That touch my heart,

Infusing my soul,

With a zest to explore.

Thank you,dear fellow bloggers.

The journey has begun.

Untraversed paths I shall tread as I move on seeking greater milestones.

Thank you again!

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