The Fallen Petal

The luminescent hue,
The luscious fragrance,
The delicate Petal,
Its silky gossamer,
Allure imbued.
The floral leaf,
It stood proud.
A symphony it was,
As it twirled to the wind’s note,
The branches jamboreed in mirth.
Buzzing bees cavorted,
As dancing leaves jested at their prank,
A playful gambol and love,
I stood mesmerised,
As the duo danced.
Days went by,
A joyful reverie,
Blissful galore.
And the tempest came unknown,
Leaving a gory trail in a cyclone.
The spirited daisy,
It fell under the tyrant’s wrath,
Deflowered and dethroned.
The lonely stalk,
It stood bereaved,
Shorn of its stupendous grace.
And the fallen Petal,
Now mud stained,
But it’s fiery hue resplendent.
For the gusts had changed to gale,
Friends no more,
A whirlwind that shook its core.
It lay there trampled and blown,
Battered, its leaves fell apart,
Serrated from the floral core.
The bees no longer buzzed,
But sang a dreary requiem.
The petal leaves one by one,
They turned brown,
Returning the hues to mother earth,
What it took,
It gave back,
Balance restored.
But a lone leaf,
Battled on.
It fluttered on,
And found home on pages open,
Resting on the white pages,
Amidst the diaspora of fine words,
It infused their spirit,
And suffused its hues onto them,
Imprinting them,
Embossing them,
With a plethora of colours untold,
Faraway fragrances,
And Nature’s essence.
And when pages were opened,
The marks remained.
The petal withered,
But it lived on,

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