Ivory Castle

She lived in an ivory castle
Walls lined pink,
And sky blue.
Its wide expanse,
Laced with a mystical beauty.
Air fragrant,
It blew with melodies profound.
The sun shone,
A luminous white all around.
She sat there happy,
She lived weaving dreams,
Dreams of life to unfold.
She looked high and low,
Searching for the hues to fill her palette,
Embossed with all the dazzling colors,
She wanted a rainbow on the dark clouds,
Making its shining arch on the grey sky .
She lived to dream,
And tried to live the dream.
Her time was her own,
But the tide turned against her.
The Sisters of Fate deluged her paradise,
A stormy tempest uproar,
She was uprooted,
And thrown to ogres to be torn.
Her castle vanished into thin air.
And it could never be behold.
All her dreams fell by the way.
She drifted valiantly all along the bay.
She tried to live the dream that was no more.
But she did not give up
And fought to her core.
Now she recalled those innocent desires big.
And she smiled subtle at her naive guile.
She took her simple unwordliness in her stride.
She could not subdue the Tides.
But she floated alone,
Just w aiting for the surf to subside.

6 thoughts on “Ivory Castle”

      1. Im better thanks! How are you?
        Mumbai weather was playing with me since past couple of weeks so was down and out! Getting back to blogging and catching up! Missed so many of them…😰

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