Book Review : A Night Under The Shooting Stars

I have known Miriam for a year now.

She is wonderful and so is her poetry!

When I delved into her poetry book, I was left spellbound.

She has the ability to hook you in. Her words make your day brighter.

As I went about my day, her lines stayed with me!

Her words are lyrical. You’ll find yourself humming her poetry at odd times during the day like I still do!

I feel that we are kindred spirits. It’s our words that bind us to each other.

Isn’t it miraculous how a few words can bring together a reader and a poet?

You can feel the nostalgia running through her words.

Very few poets have the the ability to create a visual masterpiece just using words.

Miriam Otto is definitely one of the very few poetesses in my acquaintance who can spin a wondrous tapestry with her words.

It is said that the truest poems are not written but they are felt. Words remind us. Miriam’s words will definitely make you feel.

I would definitely recommend Miriam’s beautiful book of poems to you!

You can find it here or read it for free on Kindle Unlimited.


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