A solicit


Now kind,

Bountiful blessings,





I snuggle,

In its warm embrace,

The numb chill,

Warmed in its eternal brace.

The dark and dreary days,

Now far-fetched,

A hazy memory,

Faintly imprinted in mind’s caverns.

As the tides turn,

Sunny days lighten my world,

A sheath of pristine joy,

Cavalcades through my inner being.

A bubbling cascade,

A dancing ripple,

Whispering gusts of gentle air,

Starry skies in the ethereal moonlight,

An ecstatic trance,

I stand bewitched.

As I bow my head,

Thanking benevolent Spirits,

Invoking their love,

Soliciting them,

To hold my hand,

As I quiver,

As I fall.

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