A Spectacle

A golden orb.

Against the canopy of pale blue,

It’s fiery ray fragmented,

The giant monolith,

Scattering it’s aura,

As if the dark shadows,

They wanted to imbibe,

The golden luminescence,

Basking in golden glory.

But the fiery orb,

Not willing to share it’s beauty,

Stealthily moved higher,

Shining regal,

As the stony denizens looked on morose.

A golden meteor unrivalled and unsurpassed.

A gilded flash in the faded city.

It wanted us to gape at it all the more.

So it teased us,

Leaving a luminous visage in the waters below.

A incandescent staircase to lands of yore,

A trail to horizon where angels dwelt,

Where dreams come true.

An amalgam of blazing hues,

That blue waters lapped up.

As it shone all the more bright.

The twilight dimmed,

Paying its obeisance,

To the fiery might.

I watch the spectacle mesmerized.

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