Good- bye

A goodbye to the year that was,
Letting go,
Bygones are begones.
I can only stand and stare,
As the kaleidoscope of life unrolls,
The hits and misses,
The high and lows,
Each leaving its mark,
Imprinted on the sands of time.
As the clock strikes twelve,
The music will blare aloud,
As the dark skies light up,
Their myriad hues dazzling bright.
I smile with a feeling of deja- vu,
Unsure and uncertain,
But hoping of sailing through life’s tempests,
Ready to catch what it throws.
I know not where I shall land,
But adamant to reach distant lands,
Lands mystical and faraway,
That I had been seeking all along,
Where I fulfil my dreams,
And throw in the anchor deep, in
The azure waters sparkling hope,
For the New Year,
New beginnings,
Pervading love,
Disseminating eternal joy.
New Year,
I seek so!

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