My staircase

My staircase,

Wide arched,

It’s wood lined steps tapering,

Narrowing as it moved higher,

The teak polished banister,

Embellished with muslin and silk,

Wreathed with hued autumnal blossoms.

I look at it in awe,

As I tread softly on its steps.

It leads me up to a landing,

As I stand face to face with ticking time.

That refuses to pay me heed.

I gape at what has gone by,

And what will be.

It makes me stand at the crossroads,

For I know not which path to take.

But as I sweep the panorama,

I see both paths merging in distant lines.

They will bring me back,

To where I am deemed to reside.

I may digress and meander,

Transgressions aside,

The myriad paths,

They would circumambulate,

And make me reach,

The destination of my life.

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