A calm

A calm repose,

Placid waters,

Gently ebbing and receding,

The silvery surf,

Now rolling in myriad shapes.

The stormy surges,

In my mind,

Now placated.

A utopia inside,

A detached idyll,

Nothing enters,

And nothing leaves.

I float free in an endless chiasm,

As I shed what I did not need,

The angst,

The guilt,

The remorse.

I have forgiven all of them,

The bygones,

I let them go,

And I happily moved on.

It is,

A plethora of happiness,

A dearth of void,

For the empty gaps,

They are now suffused with mirthful hues.

Dark chiasm,

Dotted with dazzling orbs,

That shine bright.

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