Happy Diwali

New beginnings,

New hopes,

New dreams to unfold!
As you light up myriad lights,
Their luminiscence sparkles in your eyes,
As you aspire to tread on paths,
Where you feared to tread.
The incandescent glow,
It lights your way in dark.
Come what may,
You know you will find your way.
You got lost in the labyrinth of life,
But the dazzling aura,
It becomes your beacon,
As you reach the top.
You fell down,
But you followed the light of hope,
The lantern of fervor ,
And the radiant zest,
It ushered you forward.
Your lights will sparkle eternal,
As you traverse terrains new,
And you will smile,
And recall that tiny light,
Which fired and led you anew!

A very Happy Diwali and a New Year to everyone!!

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