My Aurora

It is my Aurora,

My haven of peace.

As I set my foot on the hallowed earth,

I lose myself.

The shining dazzle of the array,

Pervades to my inner being,

Illuminating the dark corners,

Stoking the dying embers,

Igniting new ones.

An irridiscent hue,

And luminiscent cues,

Showing me the way in the dark maze.

As I delve in deep,

I meet the me inside,

I ruminate and contemplate,

As I untie the knots,

And unravel the conundrums.

I find myself,

I know more,

As I see more.

The myriad of small comets,

They lighten up my life,

As I bask in their sublime light,

My inner soul sacrosanct,

Purged and purified.

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