RDP# 67: Challenge

My challenges!

How do I elucidate?

So many and everywhere!


Hiding in closeted corners,

Ready to pounce on me!

I cower down,

Bludgeoned and battered,

Weary and worn -out,

But seasoned.

I trudge along,

Taking deliberate steps.

I may fall,

I may be wounded all over.

But I brave the sharp darts,

They pierce me through,

Not to tear me apart.

Like the Phoenix,

I rise again.

I challenge the challenges,

Undaunted, I weather all the storms.

My challenges spur me afresh,

For the road ahead is still full of troughs and crests,

And the journey just begun!

Via: https://ragtagcommunity.wordpress.com/2018/08/02/rdp-63-challenge/

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