She lived to tell

Pages of life,

Turning one by one,

Each telling a story.

A story of love,

A story of hope,

A story of braving the odds,

A story of fighting the twists of fate.

She was left to traverse unknown alleys,

On her own she walked.

She looked askance,

Myriad faces drifting by,

She held out a hand,

Holding them on treacherous paths,

But they let her go,

As she felt into a quagmire.

Slipping into the quicksands,

She sank in slow and deadly,

Gasping for wisps of air.

But she did not let go,

She scrambled around to find a solid rock,

And held on to it for life dear.

She survived the mire,

Living to tell the tale.

And she lived,

To love herself all the more.

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