Hospitable:Ragtag Daily Prompt


How do you define it?

Looking after your guests,being friendly and cordial to them!

This is the literal meaning.

And metaphorically,the connotations are many.

Hospitable means to have a large heart that is full of love and joy.

It means to make more out of less. It gives you a sense of satiety that has a cascading effect all around.

You are hospitable to new and unknown things.

As you savour more, you relish life and grow in mind and stature.

A hospitable person is the fulcrum of positive vibes as he attracts the good to him.

Butterflies seek the most colourful flower,don’t they?

The urn of hospitality never overflows for it imbibes and assimilates what is poured into it. It keeps on simmering inside merrily till a scrumptious broth is formed.

A hospitable person is the locus of bonhomie giving all and taking little in return

We need to be hospitable to weed out the dreary gloom and spread cheer.

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