What it tells me

As I sit with eyes closed,

I listen to the rain falling.

The droplets white,

Make a rhapsody all around.

The gentle pelt,

An everlasting cascade,

It rises to a crescendo,

Only to ebb into a perennial flow.

It drums up a symphony profound,

All notes perfectly found,

The wild cacophany around,

It does not dampen the pervading music.

I let myself loose in the whirlpool of ecstasy,

The melodious decibels keep me afloat,

There is a tranquil repose,

As all turmoil washed and dust settled.

It infuses a new zest,

Rejunevates the mind fatigued,

And the rainbow’s arc multihued,

Flashes pristine.

It makes me wonder,

At the Nature’s enigma,

And treasures yonder.

A cache of beauty and fantasy untold.

I drift into a surreal state,

My joy unabated,

My inner eye delving deep,

As my heart and soul dance in tandem.


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