She made me smile

The darkest night,

A lonely soul,

And the blind void.

A bottomless abyss,

The frightening gong,

The deafening death knell.

The burgeoning avalanche,

The rumbling earthquake,

The venting lava.

They all take me in,

They all immerse me,

In gory vengeful wrath.

But as I fall down,

A light hand wrests my slide,

With a touch of love calm and sprite.

With the flash of her magical wand,

She infuses a radiance bright,

In the pitch dark,

She is the beacon of light.

She rubs away the angst,

Rubbing on the potion of love,

She soothes away the pain,

As if to disdain the desolate despair.

She tell me to laugh,

She tells me to savour and relish,

She tells me to live the life in all.

She was my little genie,

My aerie sprite,

She turned my dreams alive,

She made me smile.

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