I sat alone by my window gazing into the void. I was lost as my mind went back into another time.

It was switched into a retrospective mode.

I saw myself all charged up,weaving dreams of future,drawing bucket lists of things to do.

I never belonged to the cliche set who believed in making an ostentatious display of their so called prowesses. I was the silent one. I had no time for them.

I was happy in my own coccoon.

But I was not a rebel.

I always conformed,doing my best to satisfy others and giving in to their inane demands. As I retrospect,I realise that they took benefit of me for I let them do so.

I was still happy in my silky coccoon.

I am still happy there.

But as I retrospect,I realise that I should have not given in,not obliterated my inner self for those around.

May be then,I would have been a different person now.

But lot of water has flown under the bridge. What is done cannot be undone.

So move on and do now what you could not do back in time.

Tell others that you have a voice.

Make it heard.

And work on completing those unfinished dreams.

Life is beautiful

Live it every day,every moment!

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