May be……

The dark clouds

hovering on the grey sky,

The sun blotted out.

The air dead and calm.

An eerie stillness all around,

Shackling its claws sharp and profound.

She stood in the eye of the storm,

Impervious to tumult around.

The myriad grains of scattered thoughts,

Embroiling her,

Taunting her,

Laughing at her,

Telling her so many things,

Weaving a kaleidoscope of images past and gone.

Her mind in a frenzy,

Her thoughts in a tizzy,

She was swept away in the blizzard of thoughts.

She had given up on all,

She floated in an endless chiasm,

A lifeless void.

It let to nowhere.

She just floated in the dark abyss.

May be, the reverie would be broken!

May be,the mind’s trance would rupture!

Maybe her heart’s song would resonate her being!

Maybe her inner voice would echo again in caverns inside!

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