Under the starry skies

Under the starry skies,

I walked into unknown lands,

Weaving dreams big and small.

I was afloat with unbounded zest,

I wanted to grow new wings to fly,

I was not daunted by strange things and new.

Flushed with bubbling fantasies,

I grew new plumes to fly yonder.

I wanted to do more,

I wanted to touch all that was untouched.

I filled the colours of rainbow one by one.

They shone bright and fresh in the sunny light.

But suddenly,a lightning cracked.

It streaked across the dark sky,

Wreathing a trail of anger.

Its blazing lustre,

It wiped the serene colours of my rainbow.

As the storm raged,

My fantasies blew away in the tempest.

My hued plumes started falling one by one.

My dreams unwinged,

I fluttered and gasped.

I fell down in a silent cry,

It echoed in my heart.

I cried aloud,

But it went unheard.

I sank down into azure depths of blue,

I watched the world go by,

I wanted to cast my anchor,

And stop the drift.

But I am still floating on the wide expanse,

I am still finding my destined shore.

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