Where did the Spring go?

Where did the Spring go?

It came and went,

I did not come to know.

The cuckoo sings,

A melancholy tainted melody.

Spring was basking under the sweet sun,

Running wild in the green,

Breezing through the gentle tufts of wind.

But where my spring has gone!

The angry sun pelts down fire,

It singes me to the soul.

The air hot and heavy,

Chokes and throttles me,

Till I lie down in repose.

The wrath of the heavens has broken loose,

They have tightened the noose,

They want to punish us for the nature’s blight.

The birds don’t fly up,

But frolic amidst the blades of grass,

Seeking shade under the drooping flowers.

The trees are no more,

They all have all left for their heavenly abode.

I look around plaintively seeking solace,

I move in the earthly labyrinth,

Seeking my spring.

Hell hath no fury like nature scorned,

We pay for our sins,

And we have lost our spring!

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