Monday Musings:Closed Coterie

The mutual admiration society is a closed coterie.

Entry is restricted and trespassers are prosecuted.

They will share everything under the sun.

All inane trivialities are exchanged in hushed tones.

They will not lift a glass for you but move mountains for each other.

They will suck up to each other so much that it becomes sickly sweet to the other person, an outsider.

But how much is real and how much is a show?

Only God knows!

And what should you do.

Disturb and barge in at your own risk.

You just let it be.

You just watch the charade with a coke and popcorn

Don’t try to intrude and let the conversation float over.

Pretend to not to listen.

You have got more important things up your sleeve.

Play on your phone, watch random videos or chat with 10 people at time.

Or if nothing else, start cleaning up your phone and deleting useless social media pics.

Or doodle on the newspaper.

The moral of the story:Wear the Invisibility Cloak.

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