No words….

I got up with a heavy heart.

There is a leaden weight around it that is drowning it,pulling it down, suffocating it, throttling it until it’s hoarse cries are rendered silent.

My heart bleeds at the thought of the pain and agony that the young, minor girl must have gone through.

As her picture flashes, I cry.

The twinkling eyes, the innocent smile look at me and ask what she had done to deserve such a gory end.

She had her dreams still in her eye.

Who gave the right to a few cannibals of humanity to trample her life and dreams?

Where are the so called propagators of morality now?

Where is the law and justice?

When, Nirbhaya happened,

Our Prime Minister had promised that our daughters will be safe.

But the age of girls being exploited has gone down.

The perpetrators have become younger and more daring and brutal.

Where are promises and the law?

It will happen some day to some again!
Do you think it will stop.
Once all the hue and cries down,
The case will drag on and on and on.
Few will get free.
And one will be sentenced to a few years.
And the day after, one innocent will again be guillotined?
Travesty of life in our times!
Politicians will spout words to get votes.
Channels will shout to get TRP’s.
And commoners will have candle marches.
Then everybody will be in their own humdrum.
And their will be more silent victims and their tormenters walking free.
We need a law and punishment that those who do such crimes think twice before doing so!
But I guess,it will happen here in the next century!!

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6 thoughts on “No words….”

  1. Signed it. Thanks for sharing!
    There is rarely justice done and even if it’s done it’s too little too late. The law is a mockery. People will run riot for petty things or to safeguard religion etc but will keep silent if something this terrible happens to an 8 year old girl! There is no law or if it exists it is only to make the common people suffer! Politicians will re-use the same routine words uttered during last such incident while culprits will never be caught or case linger on for years till people forget and politicians reaped the benefit out of it by politicising the issue etc…the accused are termed as minor and let off easily even after committing such heinous crimes which bolsters other to do the same! Really sickens me and boils the blood seeing such monsters being labelled as minor/juvenile and being protected!! They are animals not minors! Like in nirbhaya’s case, the minor was the most brutal of them and he was sent to a correction home for 3 years and his identity protected and now he is out and roaming free…really?? Is this justice to the poor soul?!! Wth!!! Cant imagine the plight and pain the little girl would have gone through. She is gone now forever while politicians are trying to wash their hands off or say shallow words and soon things will be forgotten from the media until next one! Shame!

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