Daily Things

Doing the daily things,

The hours go by.

The days go by.

The weeks go by.

The months go by.

The years go by.

And then one day, I wake up from the stupefied slumber.

Hair all tousselled, eyes sleep puffed and mind in inertia,

I wake up and ask aloud to myself a litany of questions unanswered.

Where have I been all this awhile?

What was I doing all along?

I was doing all along what I ought to do.

I was busy coasting along.

I did not bother to chart my way on the choppy sea of life.

I did not know the person that I was now.

Where were was the bucket list that I wanted to do ?

Why did not I learn the things that I wanted to?

Why did not I travel to places far and yonder?

What happened to the person I was?

I kept on changing myself to suit other palettes.

And one day I did not know the face that looked at me everyday from the mirror.

But the spell has been broken and the die has been cast.

I shall still try to find my lost soul.

And paint the empty spaces with hues I love.

I shall seek joy for I shall do what Iove.

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