The Roadmap

Life is not a straight road
with signs that would help you find your way,
You can never know where you are heading
Or if you are meandering astray,
But you must keep on walking towards the great unknown,
For what your destiny may have in store for you
could be better than what
you’d hoped for.
You evaluate, plan and work to achieve your targets and goals.

You move heaven and earth to fulfil your dreams.

But you find that your plans fail to fructify. Numerous roadblocks come your way. An invisible hand is holding you from behind preventing you from rushing headlong into the unknown abyss.

You keep on meandering in the twisted alleys of life. You feel frustrated and question the Almighty. You wonder what He has ordained for you. The world seems morbid and dark for there is nothing good for you.

But as the time flies, you gain more spark and add more skill to your repertoire. You know more.

And somehow that invisible hand has quelled that frustration with a calm repose and confidence that one day you will reach your destination and fulfil those dreams.

You just have to bide your time doing what you have to do.

One day you too shall walk on the red carpet as the limelight falls on you.

One day you will also have your day of glory under the aegis of the bright sun.

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