Monday Musings: Just wondering why. 

Why are you a tinder-box of wrath and angst?

Why are you so overbearing and always not so frank?

Why do you love to rule the roost?

Does it give your ego boost?

Why do you want to tighten and shackle with a satiny mitten?

Why do you want to hold the reins and harness the mare even thought it digresses a little mere.

Why do you smile as you please?

And why do you glare with so much ease?

Why do you rave and rant?

Do you think it will fetch you what you can’t?

Why don’t you repose in slumber as you growl and thunder?

Why don’t you exhale the fire and heat out and inhale the aroma of ecstatic peace?

When will you see through those who misuse you to the utmost?

When will you unfriend the shaded camaraderie of those whom you trust so blind?

The lifetime has passed and we are at the cusp of age going by.

Years have passed on the sly.

And we are still at the same point when we were shy.

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