Spiritual Sojourn, Days 5-9.

On the day 6 of Navratri, Goddess Durga is worshipped as Katyayini. She is known as warrior -goddess in this avatar for she slayed Mahishasura demon. . She was born to sage Katya after an arduous penance.

This incarnation of Goddess Durga has taught me to brave all the odds, fight all demons outside and inside. She has directed me to explore my innate strength.

Goddess Kalratri is the 7th incarnation of Durga. She has dark complexion and long hair. Her three eyes exude lightning and she breathes fire. According to legends, she slayed Shumbha and Nishumbh demons. She eradicates darkness and destroys all evil.

Goddess Kalratri shows that fairness does not add to your lustre. It is your inner zeal and fire and your zest for life that radiate through your persona. That dazzling spark can only come if you have the courage to fight out your battles yourself.

Mahagauri is the 8th incarnation of Durga. She is fair, radiant and kind and rides a bull. She is the harbinger of peace and calm and removes all obstacles.

When I bow my head to pay my obeiseance, I am washed with a wave of serene peace. I thank God for all blessings that have been showered on me. I feel contented to have what I have. If you are at peace with yourself, nothing will faze you and no one will disappoint you. The world seems beautiful.

The 9th avatar of the Goddess Durga is Goddess Siddhidatri who is endowed with 26 siddhis (special qualities) that she bestows on her devotees.

According to legend, Shiva worshipped and acquired these powers. So half of his body took the form of the Goddess and he came to be known as Ardhanarishwar(God who is half-woman).

And as I write, my mind delves deep to find that special quality.It is there in everybody. My search is still going on and I know I will find it one day.

All these incarnations teach us something or the other.

They are symbol of a woman’s intrinsic strength.

They tell us to be brave and brook no evil and destroy those who create havoc.

They tell us to learn more and add dazzle to every stone that we touch.

They tell us to be self effacing, kind and compassionate.

She may be dark or radiant.

But all Her Forms are exemplary as they symbolize the glory of womanhood.

My mind has been rejenuvated.

I feel strong and calm.

I can forgive and forget.

I can smile and love.

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