Spiritual  Sojourn,Day 4

On the fourth day, Goddess Durga ismeans worshipped as Kushmanda. Her name  ‘cosmic egg.’

According to mythology, she created universe out of nothing when there was perpetual darkness. She smiled like a flower and Lord Vishnu could start creating this universe as the bud blossomed. She has eight hands holding a kamandal, mace, bow and arrow,rosary,lotus and also a jar of nectar to bless her devotees.

She has golden complexion as she resides in the sun’s core. 

She dispels the darkness in this world and shoots away all the turmoils from our life. 

I learnt on this day the essence of being positive and hopeful. Your inner desire to have goodness forms a halo around you and scatters it’s aura all around. Under it’s radiance, all clouds of darkness are dispelled. 

Our culture teaches us the essence being hopeful and positive. 

In the humdrum of our lives and loosing ourselves in the cacophany of sounds,we forget our real selves. We seek light when the real flame is inside us. 

Reignite those extinguished flames and shine bright with hope and happiness. 

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