The Mask

They all wear a mask. 

A mask to mask their true self. 

They will show themselves to be what will suffice their image. 

They will go along with you only as far  as it good for them too. 

They will canoodle with you as long as you are useful to them. 

Once you are done with, they will leave you midway. 

They will vouch for their sincerity, make lofty claims of touching the hallowed realms. 

They are a notch high. 

They can do no wrong for they are eternally right and so are their brethren. 

They will camouflage their inner self to take you for a roller coaster ride. 

You will try to read through them but no light can penetrate the thick facade. 

They will always subjugate you by wearing that mask of false love and concern. 

And what I learn is that you don’t have to bare your inner self to them if you have to ride the wave. 

You have to play their game in their own way to live the life you want to live

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