The secret superstar

She is a secret superstar.

She will dazzle you unseen.

Her wand will do its magic, cast its spell without even you catching a whiff of it.

You don’t eat the greens. But she will make you eat them without you knowing it in your favourite pasta.

She will load the immune boosting papaya into your favourite pie and you will lick it with relish and gusto.

You don’t want to wear a dress but she will make you wear it for the one that you want to wear is magically torn or has been stained with things unknown.

She knows that a friend is not good for you but she is your best friend. You will not come to know but one day you yourself will break that friendship without anyone even batting an eyelid.

You sleep on an unfinished presentation or a home work assignment. And viola, when you get up you find it complete all done.

Your room is a mess and your things are in a tumble. That wand will magically stow away everything to its place.

Your mind is in a frenzy and you are all tied up in knots.

A soothing hand will wave its tranquil magic on the turbulent storms seething inside and you will find your way in the maze of thoughts.

The Secret Superstar will hold your hand and wipe your tears unseen.

You will smile again through all thick and thin.

She is the Secret Superstar because what she does for you will transform your life but she will not take credit for it.

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