That rainy night 

On rainy nights, I sit in my window seat,

Lost in pensive thoughts of that sleepless night,

I feel the cool respite that I seldom find on sunny days,

The pristine droplets wash away the debris of my broken heart.

On rainy nights, when I sit and think in the pattering rain of that pivotal night,

When my heart was in the eye of the raging storm,

When my city looked like a ghost town on moonless summer nights,

My love for him grows cold.

On one such rainy night,

I waited by the window,

As he pulled into the driveway,

I rushed out to hold him,

But then the wind blew and carried with it an unfamiliar perfume,

The lightning flashed in his eyes,

As he knew that I knew.

On such rainy nights,

The storm in my heart would blow out of control,

As I would often recall that fateful night,

And deep in my heart the thunder of agony would roll.

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