You turn around and see him following you and….

​Why should you feel guilty when you are not the culprit?

Why should you be judged by the length and the cut of your dress?

Why should you remain quiet when you are the victim?

But the most important question is why should you be the victim?

You have to reignite those  flames of courage that have been extinguished by the social taboos and customs. You don’t have to be demure and docile all the time. You don’t have to be closeted behind the societal walls that offer no protection to you.

It has been seventy years since independence. We call ourselves a progressive independent society but the regressive chains of thought have shackled our consciences.

We want a nation where our heads would be held high and we would live without fear. But the paradox of our social milieu is that you are being subjected to humiliation and judgement while the culprits have the gall to roam the streets free.

What happened to the law of the land?

Is law really blind to the plight of the women?

Why is swift justice  not done to the perpetrators of the crime?

How many Nirbhayas would we have to sacrifice in order to get justice?

You belong to the  Millennials who know their minds and can fend for themselves. You may be an air hostess or a doctor or a techie who work at odd hours. You turn around and see him following you in the dark. Take action. You have got to hurt them where it hurts. They have to be shamed publicly. Make their misdeeds go viral on the social media.

You have to incite the slumbering government to wake up. It’s time to implement strict and harsh laws to punish those who cannot respect you. They should be afraid to even think about it.

You have to sound the bugle. You have to stand up for yourself. You don’t have to suffer in silence for God helps those who help themselves.

Why should you not have fun?

It’s time to step out of your homes. If you are scared, learn how to fight or carry a pepper spray. Live your life the way you want to live without fear.

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