Tell me who you are

You will be wondering what an IndiShe is.

You are an IndiShe!

You may be a sassy twenty something with coloured streaks running down your dark tresses. You constantly push boundaries to discover yourself. You are a hellion who breaks all taboos. Nothing can deter you. You may be a stylish diva or a goth with tattoos inked on you or a college nerd lost in her books.

You may be a thirty or a forty something. But when we try to unravel your age, hell hath no fury like you scorned!
You love to paint your face to conceal the laugh lines that have deepened with age. You wish to be treated like the queen you once were. The screaming babies, the hunger pangs and listening to the boss’ rants have not broken your spirit. You’re still a shining diva in her prime who has imbibed the essence of life, become more savoury and sweet like a bottle of aged wine.

You may be a fifty or sixty something. You live your own life and wear stylish clothes. You like to gamble with abandon and bitch about your daughter-in-law. You can be found in a temple engaged in a quest to find much needed peace. You may find yourself surrounded by a gaggle of grandchildren. You enthrall them with stories and sweets but you don’t forget to give the evil eye to their mothers for leaving them in your care. You are the queen bee.

You can be any IndiShe but you are no less enigmatic than a Rubik’s cube. It has various connotations that have to be put in the right place to solve the puzzle that is you, the IndiShe.

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